Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Northside AARP Community Group wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. The year 2020 has and continues to challenge us as no other year has since our founding. We also want to thank you for your involvement in our efforts. Together we continue to make a difference by serving one another.

We are grateful for our presenters who can be found on Learn and Get Involved in this year of COVID-19. We started the year looking at how media influences our perceptions of candidates, took a look at Ballot Ready and Zoomed with Dick Simpson, David Orr, Willie Ree Shaw and Betty O’Shaughnessy. We also watched an interview with Nancy LeaMond, AARP’s Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer on the topic of older voters, all of this hoping to help each other be responsible voters in this year’s national election.

Finally we would like to share with you the above video See how a Simple act of kindness Creates an Endless Ripple from Viddsee a platform for storytellers who: “…hope to empower storytellers with Viddsee’s platform by curating, marketing, and creating content that we know our audiences will engage with anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.” We think it expresses well, our belief of the importance of serving one another through simple often unnoticed acts of kindness.