A collection of photos taken over the years.

Member Ernie Kramer Escorting In FDR impersonator in August 2008
Summer 2007 Founder of Chapter, Sitha Pugh (left) and Frances O’Kennard
Our other Founding Member, Beverly Stormont in 2008
Our members at the Intermission of the High School Play “The Wizard of Oz” 2009
Donation to the Goudy School Student Garden Project 2010
Members Meeting with State Rep. Steans 2010
From Left to Right: Frances O’Kennard. Ernie Kramer, Rep. Steans, John Keating & Mike Spellman
Presentation of Memory Photo Album and Gift for Sitha Pugh on the Occassion of Her Retirement as President of the Chapter 2011
Making a Donation to the Cafe Pride at Lake View Presbyterian Church
The O’Donnell brothers at the “Field Trip” to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield 2011
Presentation “Medicare for All” by Anne Scheetz 2012
Volunteering at the American Indian Center 2012
Volunteering at The American Indian Center 2012
Elder Law Judge Patricia Banks Addresses Our Group 2012
Poster Showing Our “Field Trip” to the Elk’s Headquarters 2013
Some of the Members on our”Field Trip” to the Elk’s Headquarters 2013
Two Members At a Rally for Gun Control 2013
Chicago Chapters Volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository 2014
“Field Trip”on the Water Taxi to Chinatown 2014
Making a Donation to the Building Fund for “Third Space” 2015
Our Member Along with Ballot Ready Presenting a Get Out The Vote Presentation 2020
The Salvation Army Ensemble from our December 2019 Meeting
Delivering Needed Supplies to Homeless Shelter at Christmas time 2008
Chicago Historian Vic Guistino at our meeting in 2008
Medical Presentation by TV Reporter Dr. Barry Kaufman 2009
U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley addressing our meeting in 2010
Our Membership enjoying a Christmas Time meal together 2010
Student Garden at Gaudy School 2010
Northside and Southside Chapters Joining Together to Volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository 2011
The Greater Chicago Food Depository “Crew” 2011
Meeting at the Police Station Meeting Room in 2012
U. S. Rep. Mike Quigley Meeting with our Group in 2012
Our Own Dr. Bill Giving His Medical Report 3012
Our Members Dan O’Donnell, Dave O’Donnell, AJ Arend & John Keating planting Flags on Memorial Day 2012
Making a Donation to the American Indian Center 2012
Members Saying the Pledge of Allegiance to Start the Meeting 2012
Impersonator of the Captain of the Titanic, Captain Edward Smith,
Presents a Slide Show to Our Membership 2012
Presentation by Author Patrick Butler
on the “Hidden History of Ravenswood & Lakeview” 2013
Members of Northside & Southside Chapters Volunteering “On The Line”
at the Greater Chicago Food Depository 2013
Lake View Presbyterian Church’s Parish Nurse
Making a Health Related Presentation 2014
Law Clinic With Volunteers Assisting People Who Want a
Power of Attorney and Advance Directives 2014
U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley Updating our Chapter 2015
Making a Donation to “Goldie’s Place” 2016