Learn and Get Involved

City-Wide AARP Membership Volunteers at Chicago Food Depository

To enhance the lives of 50+ adults by providing opportunities for learning and social interaction.

You will meet people with tastes, interests and memories which may be similar to yours, or maybe new to you – there is always something to learn from others. You will have the opportunity to become involved and learn more about local and state events and projects by using your talent, creativity, experience and expertise to make your local community a better place to live, and have fun doing it!


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For more than a year we have been hosting speakers at our monthly meetings in preparation for the November Election, “the Election of a Lifetime”


U. S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky

July: 9th District U. S. REPRESENTATIVE JAN SCHAKOWSKY – Legislative Update and Questions and Answer Afterwards 

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley

October:   5th District U. S REPRESENTATIVE MIKE QUIGLEY – Legislative Update and Questions and Answer Afterwards 



Ballot Ready Meeting

February: Ballot Ready  “Ballot Party”  Primer on voter education research prior to the March 17th primary (interactive information)

Judge Deborah J. Gubin

March: THE “MYSTERIOUS” VOTING FOR JUDGES presentation by Retired Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court Deborah J. Gubin on “How to think about, evaluate and choose candidates on the ballot for judgeship positions”   

Prof. Dick Simpson

May: Univ. of Illinois Professor Dick Simpson, Former 44th Ward Alderman, on the MEANING, ANANLYSIS AND THOUGHTS  ABOUT  LAST MONTH’S PRIMARY ELECTION VIA ZOOM See the Podcast of our meeting with Dick Simpson

Former Cook County Clerk David Orr

July: David Orr VOTING  IN PANDEMIC TIMES David Orr’s perspective from years of public service, including as Cook County Clerk, and the importance of that role in voter education and voting, especially voting in this time of new ways of doing things. VIA ZOOM View our YouTube meeting with David Orr

Nancy LeaMond

August: HOW OLDER VOTERS ARE APPROACHING THE ELECTION AND PANDEMIC. A May 27th virtual discussion & interview with Nancy LeaMond, AARP’s Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer, on the topic of older voters. Conducted by Third Way’s Matt Bennett – Third Way is a Washington, D.C.–based public policy think tank that develops political and policy ideas, conducts public opinion research and hosts an array of public events, issues briefings, etc. Via ZOOM. See the Interview

Willie Shaw

September: IN TIMES LIKE THESE. Willie Ree Shaw, Civic Engagement Officer, NAACP Evanston Branch, speaks about voting in the current climate of Covid, Protest and Rallies and offers recommendations for political empowerment. View our meeting with Willie Ree Shaw on YouTube.

OCTOBER: Things You Can Do  To Get Ready For Election 2020 A Hands-on Experience A hands-on program which will give you the resources and experience to see what’s on the ballot, how to find out positions of those running for office, and how to analyze what the issues of the Graduated Income Tax Amendment are. 

Betty O’Shaughnessy

NOVEMBER: “What Did We Do This Election”

How We Got To Today

The Northside AARP Community Group’s history goes back to 1982 when a group of seniors got together and formed an AARP Chapter, Lakeview East Chapter #4178 and was chaired by the founding member Sitha Pugh and Beverly Stormont. We work now, as they did then, to enhance the lives of 50+ adults by providing opportunities for learning and social interaction. At this time, we are the only AARP related group on Chicago’s north side. Throughout our history, we have been active in education on topics of interest to seniors: current affairs, community projects, voter education/voter enrollment and health care. In the chapter’s early years we participated in the formation of the senior housing building, Ruth Shirman House. We also focus on the social interaction and engagement aspect of the lives of seniors with events such as neighborhood beautification, musical presentations, day trips and just sharing a meal together. The membership stayed together and formed other types of AARP chapters until today as the Northside AARP Community Group.

Take a look at our PHOTO GALLERY to see photos from past events and speakers.